“YajnaBhoomi” is a platform to perform yagya (yajna/havan/homam), japa, parayana, pooja etc services as asserted by Vedas and Tantra Shastras by online. We face many problems in life and don’t get the right solutions at the right time, so suffer a lot. To face and reduce the effect of the problems performing yagya/japa/pooja etc is one of the ways. It is even scientifically proved from the period of sages/rishis. To perform it even better we are depending on the jyotish or astrology. We can find out the past and the future of a person when gone through his/her horoscope. After analyzing the horoscope or jataka of the person in detail the astrologer comes to know the doshas of the jatakas having. For every dosha there is a solution by pooja or yagya. By performing suitable yagya or pooja according to the doshas we can get the solution for the problems.